AC Party Hall in Aminjikarai

Selecting the ideal venue for your birthday, engagement party, reception, family get-together, or other function is crucial in making it successful. Look for somewhere hygienic, comfortable, and within your budget. This will ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day.

Aminjikarai boasts several top-rated AC party halls. These provide great amenities and service. Here is our selection of the top halls in the city. These halls have earned great reviews from our customers.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in an Aminjikarai AC party hall is a significant convenience. It is a significant convenience in keeping guests refreshed. Additionally, it contributes to creating an inviting and pleasant ambiance throughout the hall. The sandstone floor is a feature of the hall.

Air conditioning can be ideal for birthday parties. It keeps drinks and juices at a consistent temperature throughout the celebration. Furthermore, people are free to savor their cake without fear of it getting too cold.

It is essential to properly maintain the air conditioning in an AC party hall. This is so it can operate optimally throughout the event. This is particularly relevant for weddings. The venue will be rented long.

This party hall can accommodate up to 250 people in its main hall. There is also another mini-function hall that fits smaller groups. It is an ideal option for budget-minded events as it is safe and well-maintained. It has ample parking space for up to 100 cars.


Aminjikarai does not lack parking space. It boasts one of Chennai’s most enormous carparks. It has ten digits for lucky guests or two. Plus, their security team are top-notch professionals. They will keep all aces safe and sound. Moreover, what’s even better? Aminjikarai also has on-site restaurants. These restaurants are designed to meet your guests’ dietary needs and those of its hosts!

In-House Catering

AC party halls feature in-house customized venue decorations and catering services. The venue can be customized to suit any event. They are ideal for hosting wedding receptions, sangeets, mehendis, engagement parties, and corporate functions. They are also ideal for hosting corporate functions. With a range of cuisines and state-of-the-art infrastructure sure to impress guests.

Aminjikarai’s AC party halls are a must – see. They offer all the perfect ingredients to make your event a hit. These facilities boast excellent air conditioning, spacious reception areas, ample parking facilities, and in-house decor. The staff is helpful and ensure everything runs smoothly on-site. Plus, these halls are affordable yet hygienic. Making them an excellent choice for birthday or anniversary celebrations! Book one now – click one of the links below – and prepare yourself and your guests for unforgettable memories! They will last a lifetime!


When searching for a party hall to host your next event, it is essential that your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. The best party halls are those that are able to accommodate your guests. This is especially true when hosting birthdays or other occasions. Comfort is key. Fortunately, hundreds of party halls in the city can cater to all your requirements. They can help you celebrate this momentous milestone in style.

Aiyavoo Mahal is located in Aminjikarai, Chennai. It is the perfect venue for your wedding or other special events. With 500 seating capacity in its reception hall and 200 dining hall, Aiyavoo Mahal can comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests.  Furthermore, they have a mini party room. This is perfect for seminars, conferences, or birthdays.

At Aiyyavoo Mahal, the decor is always kept neat. Its staff is welcoming and helpful too. Its extensive facility makes it a secure and spacious venue for your next celebration. The venue is a great venue for your next celebration.

Aiyavoo Mahal is the premier wedding hall in Aminjikarai. It’s ideal for celebrating auspicious family functions such as Receptions, Betrothals, and Puberty parties. It can even host corporate meetings and conferences. Furthermore, Aiyavoo Mahal can accommodate other special occasions like anniversary parties. Henna parties, sangeets, or tilak ceremonies. For more information regarding their offerings, please contact the venue directly. You can also reach out directly to the venue.