Banquet halls in Aminjikarai

As the capital of Kerala, Aminjikarai is also one of the best tourist destinations for the tourists. It is well known for the traditional Portuguese architecture and it is considered to be one of the must-see tourist destinations. These places are constructed in the traditional manner from the Portuguese era. The construction of these places is done by using the red brick, which is a favorite of the Portuguese because of its exotic color and texture.

They are also beautifully decorated with brass art work, which is an added attraction for tourists. There are different varieties of reception places available in Aminjikarai. Most commonly there is a central party Hall, which is used by the hotel receptionist and the chefs. There are smaller reception areas also available in Aminjikarai. These are usually used for the temporary purposes such as the banquet places in Aminjikarai or the guest houses and such.

The larger places that are used for the daily use of the guest house or for the daily functions are called as the parlour hall. Here the guests are treated with fresh and dry fruits while being served with excellent local dishes. The daily guests dining experience in these parlours is something worth trying. One can also go for the private rooms in these places where one can get the privacy as desired.

The banquet places in Aminjikarai are also known as the place for flower deliveries. People coming for the wedding or some other function often stay in these parlours instead of going straight to their homes. The flower delivery service is usually done by the local homemakers who are also responsible for delivering the fresh flowers to the guest houses. The flower delivery also takes place after the function has ended. Usually this service is done twice a day which ensures that the guest houses do not suffer from lack of flowers during the peak season.

Many of the party Hall in Aminjikarai are beautifully decorated and the guests tend to linger around them for hours. The reception area of the place should be comfortable as well lighted. The place should have comfortable sitting arrangements for the guests. The seats should be cushioned and the floor should be soft and warm. Also, the reception area should have proper lighting so that the guests can see each other properly. The banquet halls in Aminjikarai are often heated in the middle of the day when people are gathered for the wedding ceremony or function.

The banquet halls in Aminjikarai are beautifully maintained. Many of the places are painted in the traditional Indian style and many have floral patterns on the walls. They are kept clean and they look great even after several years. These halls are great to celebrate and to gather at.

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