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The lovely town of Maidenhead lies in the north of the county of Norfolk and is known for its many stunning country homes, elegant churches and beautiful buildings. Many of the buildings date back hundreds of years and have withstood the passing years and weathering environmental extremes. Some of the older buildings date back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, some much more recent. There is a wide selection of function halls near meadow that are a delightful addition to the list of things to do when you come to Norfolk, which is one of the most sought after destinations in the United Kingdom.

Grosvenor House is located on the site of an old Roman fort and is perfect for a family day out. This family favourite has a great deal to offer from the gentle stroll along the beach to the chance to explore the Roman fort itself. You can also enjoy the various attractions in the area, from medieval castles to the National Maritime Museum. There is also a very large fish farm in the area, so if you are looking for something a little more luxurious you might prefer to visit the party Hall.

When visiting Grosvenor House is of course the time to take a look at the manor itself. There are many buildings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that are still standing, but there is a modern feel to the place. There are two large manor houses, one that was built in the mid eighteen hundreds and another that was built around the same time in the nineteen hundreds. Both are listed as heritage locations by the government. They are both very imposing and provide the visitors with a wonderful view of the surrounding area. If you like being out in the open then these manor houses are ideal.

Nearby are three prime function halls for anyone who wishes to entertain. These functions are perfect for birthday parties, company picnics or for a wedding. There are also several other activities that can be organized here if you have the space. The Quayley House is home to a beautiful chapel that overlooks Meadow. This is a very popular attraction with visitors as it offers the chance to view the surrounding landscape and have a few hours of peaceful quiet.

There are many other buildings that are listed as heritage locations. They include the Castle Usk, which dates back to the sixteenth century and provides the opportunity to view the surrounding scenery. There are also the Thomas Lord, Queen’s Home and the John Fairfax House. As you can see, there is so much to see and do in this lovely area. You will not want to leave Grosvenor.

Grosvenor Hill is a party Hall to visit, especially for lovers of nature. There are many great restaurants to choose from and it is not far from London. So if you are planning a weekend away, this could well be the ideal destination. Whether you love the outdoors, the mountains or the sea, Grosvenor hills is the ideal location to spend a few days.

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